An easy
Way of paying

A safe and convenient solution for
digital payments: this is MoovePay.
Cryptoactives are the present!
Use them for payments, transfers and asset storage with MoovePay.

Make transactions as you want!

MoovePay works with the market's main currencies, so that you have
autonomy of choosing how you wish to pay and receive.

Your safety and privacy
comes first!

Without worries!
From the registration in the platform, to the finalization of
your transactions, your personal data is safe here.
You don't need to share your data with
establishment owners at the moment of your purchase anymore.
The blockchain technology and our platform also
ensure that your money is where it is supposed to be
in your wallet!

Benefits of using MoovePay

Your money, as fast as possible!
With a safe, fast, and intuitive system, we simplified the way of making transactions and
deliver a complete solution for digital payments.

MoovePay offers you the option of
paying and receiving in your way! There are
four different Cryptoactives,
being the dollar (USD) the
reference currency.

Don't depend on cards,
checks, and money in hands
to make your payments anymore. Do everything
online, directly from your phone.

Make payments and receive
transferences in real-time, without
time limitations! The
blockchain technology allows the sending
of your Cryptoactives in a matter of instants
to anywhere in the world.

We integrate with any API
in the world, providing more
convenience and better functioning
of the platform's operational

For you

MoovePay offers you the possibility to have a digital wallet of crypto, with which you can pay establishments, transfer, store and even receive money from friends and acquaintances. There are several different cryptoactives with just one click away by our application!

For your company

Optimize the bridge between you and your client!
The merchant who integrates the MoovePay system in his physical or online store has the option to receive in several different assets, allowing the increase of his sales and the growth of his business.
WIth more payment options, mone connection possibilities and interaction with your client! Those who sell using MoovePay are protected from fraud losses.
Goodbye chargebacks!

Forget waiting!

The economic future is base in agility, safety, privacy, and the most important: You in control of everything.
MoovePay is ideal for you.
Use it in physical stores and e-commerces from anywhere on the world!

Through our app you can:

Check your balance, with the average calculated from all currencies in your account
Check your digital portfolio for all the assets available in the platform
Send and receive values to friends
Make payments through QR Code
Generate invoices, in the case of companies, on the asset you want
Access moves on all assets in one place