MoovePay for
your company

Improve your business with
innovative technology from the
MoovePay system

MoovePay was developed for
physical stores and e-commerces
to offer an innovative
payment method option for your clients.

How it works

on MoovePay quickly! After
the validation of your documents
you can accept another
payment method in your
establishment, physical
or online.

payments, which in establishments using MoovePay work very simply. The sales process is carried out from a QR Code from the merchant's account to the customer's smartphone, which will choose to pay with the crypto of their preference. As the transaction is made between MoovePay accounts, the merchant will receive the value of his sale in real time

you can also use your balance
from you sales to pay
for the expenses of your business,
make transferences between

Benefits of using MoovePay
on your establishment:

Receive payments instantaneously
Receive values in cryptocurrencies directly on your MoovePay Wallet from the corresponding currency.
Don't depend on banks to make operations
Make transferences with other establishments
Have an effective report of your establishment's movements in real time

How to integrate MoovePay
into your establishment

Establishments can integrate MoovePay with any payment system already used. Just use the Key API found in a business account settings and integrate it into your website programming following the steps of the integration document. Questions on the subject can be sent to [email protected]


Online stores can also use MoovePay services. Just register as a company and incorporate the API code, which will be available in your account settings. More details can be found in the integration document and questions can be answered at [email protected]

E-commerces that use MoovePay are also protected from fraud damage, as transactions can only be performed by account holders, thus thwarting fraudulent chargeback attempts.